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Plenty of things to celebrate in December… Ella Arms turns 1 years old, Josh Jones marries his sweetheart and Jordan Sintic hits the 21 year mark.

turn SiGnal was the proud recipient of their 6th FastTrack 50 Award.

Bill has gone “HGTV” crazy and taken on several home remodeling projects.

Amazing tribute to an amazing man who helped shape our industry

Sneak A-BOO!
What if you snapped shots of people as they were scared $@%&less in a haunted house?

Killer Katrina
Colorful shots of deceased amusement park

It's that time of year again, time to request your FREE tS “ice scraper”… contact us and we'll gladly send one your way!

Several new website design projects have come in and are in full build mode.

All new ice cream package designs are being finalized for store shelves.

Quite a few large format graphics have been running through our offices lately. Several banners have been designed and produced by our team for Pepsi and have appeared in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. Check them out…

It was our pleasure to design and develop a working template for Wiseco Pistons to be used for all new product video clips. What we called an "IN / OUT Video Sequence" was sketched, then built into a working template and provided to our client for use when revealing new products online. See sample here…

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