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tS won its sixth Lake & Geauga County FastTrack 50 Award… will it ever end? We hope not!

Anthony recently sold his motorcycle and purchased a new car. When is 4 better than 2? When it comes to traction in the snowy months ahead.

Grandma Jackie awaits the birth of her third granddaughter, due in November.

Bill's son Jake has moved to Wooster and is playing Junior hockey for the Wooster Oilers and loving every minute of it!

Shake it up [this isn't something you see everyday...or is it?]

Face to face [talk about a bugs eye view]

Villain game [warning – your answers may surprise you]

Logos construction [what's your favorite brandversation?]

We hate to say it but goodbye to the “Summer of 2011.” It was fun and HOT while it lasted.

A variety of marketing tools are currently in the process of being language translated for the following countries; Brazil, Japan and Mexico.

Several cool Flash animation projects are being discussed for one of our clients with a focus on the performance automotive aftermarket industry.

And the winner is...turn SiGnal of course! With three winning entries in the 2011 Graphic Design USA American Graphic Design Awards competition. We are proud to announce that our “AREM Tube Website”, “Sierra Mist Bike to Work Tags and Banners” and “Concord Technology Groups Tri-Fold Brochure” brought us home the hardware this year. Take a second to view the work here…

Our team recently handled two new packaging projects from concept through completion for Pierre's Ice Cream Company. It was time for a quick redesign and freshening up of the current “Fudge Pop packaging”, as well as an entirely new pint design for the wonderfully fresh and flavorful “Sorbet cartons” for Pierre's Ice Cream Company. Imagine how good they taste as you check them out…

Each month, turn SiGnal has the pleasure of getting to not only design but build and edit copy and contents for several customer electronic email blast newsletters. This previous issue of FitForce that blasted last month was a huge success for readership and link click through's too. Click here to view…

With such a cool subject matter, it was a blast designing and building a templated look for “Pepsi/Cedar Point Banners”. Here are two of the many we had the pleasure of building over the past few weeks for a couple of their sports top rated racers. Only takes a minute to view the goods…

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