Diversified Fittings
The Hose Shack

the hose shack

We helped bring awareness to Diversified Fittings “hydraulic hose sales counter”, where walk-in customers can replace hydraulic hosing that is critical to their workforce. This entailed naming the counter as well as branding it, developing a direct mailer and editing website content. The final stage includes wrapping their delivery vehicle with the new branded message, sure to attract the eye of onlookers!

Pierre's Ice Cream
Pierre's Ice Cream


Seven of the most tasty ice cream flavors are wearing brand new product packaging thanks to the work of turn SiGnal. Our team partnered with our client to sketch, then develop final print files for each carton and lid. With names like “banana fudge chunk”, “chocolate lava cake” and “mocha mud pie”, how can these amazing flavors not jump off the shelves at your local retailer. Grab a few to snack on and taste for yourself!

Automated Packaging Systems
Automated Packaging Systems 50th Anniversary Logo

SouthEast Asia Window Graphics

Our design team worked with our local marketing contact as well as the Southeast Asian contingent to design and build full window graphics for a new office location in Thailand. These graphics work to advertise the companies capabilities, as well as to keep the sun from making the offices too hot! Photos and measurements were supplied and we went to work, employing the current corporate standards we helped to establish for Automated Packaging Systems. Several rough sketches helped us communicate quickly and efficiently, then an approved design was developed and supplied for application in this foreign market. We feel the final product speaks for itself!


“Time to grind”… Jake Sintic returns to Wooster, Ohio to join his former Junior “A” Oiler's hockey team for another season…


tS designer Anthony Arms closes in on his first “home” purchase…


Office manager Jackie Jones returns from her “Atlantic Ocean” vacation…


The verdict is still out as the staff rates the newly acquired Adobe CS6 design products…

around the bend

Must be trade show season as several clients have looked to tS for new display graphics.


We put the final touches on a variety of professional athletes sports camps marketing tools.


Quite possibly the “biggest news” of all is an all new venture for the boss and his wife, stay tuned for more on their fitness based business launch...