Third Dimension, Inc.

Website design and Build

We recently went live with an all new responsive website for one of our suppliers. Industry specific keywords were researched for use on the site as well as the latest in search engine optimization added to our latest site design. If you are in need of a website or a website overhaul, give us a call.

Check out the site here.

Pierre’s Ice Cream

Emerald Necklace

Another winning ice cream packaging project is now available in stores. Our client Pierre’s Ice Cream created an all new flavor to reflect the Cleveland Metropark’s “Emerald Necklace.” Mint ice cream with chocolate cream cookies and thick fudge create the wonderful flavor combination awaiting you in every spoonful.

PEPSICO Foodservice
Automated Packaging Systems

Leave behind sales kit

From sketches to final production, turn SiGnal created a self contained beverage and food carrier that allows sales associates to target non-Pepsi markets with a handy, leave behind kit. A variety of Pepsi beverages and Frito Lay snack products are hand selected to pique the interest of restaurant managers, leading to additional sales opportunities.

Automated Packaging Systems
Automated Packaging Systems

Pack Expo

The largest trade show event in the packaging industry leads to numerous new product launches for our client. This year professional photography, video and image retouching have been in the works since early summer as we approach the November show dates. All new product data sheets, web ads, show displays as well as signage and banners are being finalized. Check out this retouching time-lapse video!


Vacations to West Virginia and Tennessee were enjoyed by Anthony and Jackie this summer.

Bill traveled to Orlando, Florida to compete in the first Disney Fit Challenge and took first place in his age group. Champs Photo.

The iPhone 6 debut has lead to several phone upgrades here in the office.

around the bend

Two new logo brands are currently in the works in the studio.

A series of ice cream vendor cart panels are being developed.

We have scheduled several sessions to come up with creative ideas for a customers annual operational meeting.